Black Desert Online Gets Dedicated PvP Server and Prepares for Beer Festival

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Today PearlAbyss and Kakao Games announced that after popular demand, Black Desert Online will receive a dedicated PvP server with new rules that negate the karma loss players normally receive after killing another player.


Currently, players with a negative karma score are permanently flagged for PvP and can be attacked anywhere, including Black Desert Online’s safe zones. Weaponry and armor enhancements can be downgraded upon death and NPCs become hostile, even within rural areas. The new PvP server will definitely highlight Black Desert Online’s open-world PvP as one of its core features.

Following a first test received with positive feedback from the Russian community, PearlAbyss has decided to make karma loss optional by creating a dedicated PvP server. Players will now be able to kill each other without having to worry about penalties. The dedicated PvP server will be implemented after this week’s maintenance, and the other servers will retain the original karma system.


Beer Festival

To celebrate the fall season and the newfound PvP freedom, PearlAbyss and Kakao Games are delighted to announce that the Beer Festival will return with a special Oktoberfest world theme. Beer-loving Black Desert Online adventurers are in for a treat this year as they can earn silver and valuable items by crafting and delivering beer to several NPCs scattered around the realm. The Beer Festival will be held from September 14 through October 11.

More information on the newly added PvP server and Beer Festival can be found on the official website.

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