Mobile MMOJRPG Alchemia Story Reveals Latest 360-Degree Trailer

Aug 30 2017

Alchemia Story is a Japanese fantasy mobile MMORPG presented by Asobimo, the game will be coming to Android and iOS soon. The game recently opens pre-registration on the official website, players who are interested in the game can sign up now.


A 360-Degree Trailer has been revealed showcasing a variety of game scenes and using Parade(パレード)by Lindberg as the background music. Alchemia Story features real-time active turn-based combat where players attack, manually use skills, guard, block, magic spells and more. 

In Alchemia Story, players will get their own unique character customization to discover and adventure in this magic and fantasy world. The game is scheduled to be launched in 2017, stay tuned! You can find more information on MoboPlay


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