The Soul of Hunter: 3D Monster Hunting Game on Track to Release

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In development for the past 3 years, NetEase’s new 3D team hunting mobile game The Soul of Hunter will be released in the 4th quarter of 2017. No matter who you are, whether a die-hard fan of RPGs, an amateur of action games, a rookie of team hunting games, or an adventurer longing for a magic trip to the middle ages, you will find abundant joys during your adventures in The Soul of Hunter. 


Featuring 3D free angle of view and the next-generation hyper-realistic graphics technology, the story of The Soul of Hunter takes place in a magical Western Medieval world teeming with evil monsters. Players will fight against the monsters as valiant hunters, side by side with their hunter partners. 

Aiming to provide the most original and sensational team hunting experience for players on mobile platforms, NetEase’s development team strived for 3 years to create the perfect balance between the operation experience and the hunting experience, enabling players to experience the thrill of hunting on their mobile devices. Instead of the repetitive linear tasks of previous hunting games, The Soul of Hunter allows players to distribute their gaming time and formulate growth strategies freely by offering amplified and rewarding secondary tasks including hunting, producing, plating, cooking, treasure hunting and even wrestling competitions between knights and more. 

Dozens of different kinds of huge monsters are available in The Soul of Hunter, and new monsters will continuously be introduced. Rare materials can be obtained by dismembering and destroying various limbs of monsters, among which is the magic “Hunting Soul”, the most longed-for collectible. A special eye called “True Vision” enables players to find weaknesses of huge monsters so that players can choose whatever style of weapon they like to initiate an attack. 

All hunters possess both ordinary attacks and character specific attributes. By winning intense battles, players also unlock different weapon specific abilities. Both PVE and PVP battles in the game are not limited by the level of the players, allowing new players to try various game modes as soon as they enter the Soul of Hunter world. 


With a newly designed real-time voice chat system, built-in chat rooms and other social contact systems, players of The Soul of Hunter can get acquainted with the NPC partners in the game, and even forge friendships with the NPC partners and experience the stories together.
The original version of the Soul of Hunter will be in Simplified Chinese. The English version is currently also under development and will be launched in the near future to bring the Soul of Hunter’s fantastic mobile monster hunting experience to gamers throughout the US and Europe.

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