Renowned Voice-Over Cast Unveiled for MU Legend

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WEBZEN has revealed a sneak peek at some of the details of the voice-over work for their next-gen ARPG MMO MU Legend. WEBZEN has joined forces with René Veilleux and his team of great voice actors at Verité Entertainment to provide top-quality voice-overs for MU Legend. René Veilleux is a voice and casting director especially well known for his contributions to various game series, including: The Elder Scrolls Online, Payday 2, How to Train Your Dragon and many more.

Bolstered by incredibly talented voice actors, René Veilleux brings a fierce passion for storytelling that fits perfectly with the action-adventure universe of MU Legend. The purpose of the voice-overs is to provide texture and personality to the four distinct classes (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage) and all the various NPCs that players will encounter. In order to achieve an immediate feeling of immersion, the game features sequences with voice-overs in English.

MU Legend OBT

Designing games is about more than just putting action on the screen; it is an alchemy of various spices that blend to create a unique identity. With its perfect combination of plot, voice-overs, interactions within the game, and even the background music and sound effects, MU Legend provides a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience that is sure to satisfy the enthusiasm of fans.  

MU Legend OBT

René Veilleux, voice director & CEO of Verité Entertainment, commented: "When I first got the call from Webzen about the voice-over for MU Legend, I was really excited because I saw that there was a lot of action and adventure in this game." He added: "My intention was to make the voice-over grand and epic as well. My experience working with the team on MU Legend has been great. They've given me and the actors a lot of freedom to bring our own voice and vision to the game."

To learn more about MU Legend, visit the official website.

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