Tank Themed Mobile Game Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk Coming Soon

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Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk is an epic piece of WW2 tank-themed mobile game, you are going to date back to the battle grounds of European continent and experience the fierce tank fights. Jumbo v.s Tiger to repeat the epic fight or Jumbo with Tiger to form a best cooperation? All will be presented in Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk coming at the end of this August for both Android and iOS devices!!!

Born in fire and march in fire, they break the enemy front and pave the way for attack. They compose a song of iron and fire, leaving fear to enemy shivering in the trench. They are the tank legion throwing the light of death upon enemy! Now you are given the chance to command your WW2 tank legion to kick invaders out of homeland!


Collect All the WW2 Tanks!

-Battle as one of the 50 unique and varied epic tanks from Sherman Jumbo, Sherman Jumbo or White Tiger in WW2. You can even gather the ones that are not applied to battles in the history!
-Equip your tank legion with legendary gear to smash enemies into ashes!
-Recruit famous people in the history to drive the battle tanks!


Date Back And Go Through the Epic WW2 Battles Again!

- Strategy is key: Find your tank’s strengths and form the ultimate alliance
- Battle horrifying War Machine of evil and become the one true leader!
- Clash in grueling challenge levels to test your battle skills!


Play free fantasy games and battle alongside friends in the epic heroes’ war! Join Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk, the most epic tank game, and battle enemies as your adventure becomes more and more challenging!


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