Cross-Platform MMORPG Caravan Stories CBT Tester Wanted

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Caravan Stories is a cross-platform MMORPG developed by Japanese studio Aiming that will available on Android, iOS and PC platforms. The game will kick off Closed Beta Test from August 22 till August 24 for mobile platform. Aiming is now recruiting total 2,000 players to participate in the upcoming CBT. Sign up on the official website if you are interested. 


Game developer Aiming releases the second trailer that showcases the history of the continent and some combat abilities of the caravans, along with the transportation types that players can build and customize to travel the land. 

Caravan Stories shares the same real-time server between mobile devices and PC to give players an unprecedented online fantasy adventure journey on different devices. The game allows players to capture and evolve monsters as pets. It features PvP system that players defend their caravans from others and a spectator mode for boss battle. 


Closed Beta Test for Caravan Stories will start from August 22 till August 24 for only three days on both Android and iOS devices. However, there is no word about the actual release date for this game, stay tuned! More information can be found at MoboPlay


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