Meet the 4 Characters of Action MMORPG Kritika Online

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Kritika Online is similar to other third-person hack-and-slash MMOs,  such as Dragon Nest and C9. Play as one of four classes: Reaper, Warrior, Gunmage, or Rouge.If you're having trouble picking a class, or if you need some clarity, then you're on the right page.



She was formerly an agent for a secret group of Alchemists called “The Feima Organization.” Their leader mysteriously disappeared after an attempt to invade a particular place. Without their leader, when a Boulder Demon rampaged, she tried to control it. However, once Reaper touched it, her power and memories were absorbed into the demon and replaced with something else. When she regained consciousness, the town around her was destroyed. Since then, she vowed to fight against whoever did it and joined others on their journey.

Reaper uses a scythe and chains (might depend on the specialization) for mid to close range fighting. Upon reaching level fifteen, she may specialize as a Valkyrie or a Blood Fairy (Vampire in other regions).



The character was part of the Thousand Brave Guild, where renowned warriors gather. However, an organization slowly took over the guild and forced the members to do their bidding. The Warrior left since he didn’t want to get controlled, and started a quest to find strong opponents to defeat. Along the way, he meets the others. Together they vowed to kill the Boulder Demon on the way to defeating the main big, bad Archie. Although the character is no longer a part of the guild, he helps the members if he can.
Warrior uses swords (greatswords, claymores, and longswords) for close ranged combat. At level fifteen, he can specialize as a Berserker, Burst Berserker (Fire Lord in other regions), or Demon Blade (Doom Blade in certain sectors).



The Gunmage is a survivor of the extermination of all mages. His mixed ancestry of ancient Atlantean or Coredis and human enables him to adapt and learnmany things. Adaptability is how Gunmage survived. In fact, he’s now being trained by another survivor. He eventually joins the rest of the player characters on their voyage to defeat Archie and determine who exterminated his race.

Gunmage can specialize as a Shadow Mage, Freezing Blaster (Frost Mage), or a Dimension Controller (Warp Mage) at level fifteen. He uses guns, including pistols and carbines, andlong range combat is where he shines.



She came from the Wolf Shadow Village at the homeland of the Frost tribe. Rogue left the village to become a warrior, which caused the natives to label her as a “traitor.” The residents changed when they realized she could retrieve the village's sacred treasure that was stolen by an Alchemist during the time Archie led it. After Rouge had defeated the monsters in the Mountains dungeon, the natives realized her talents and requested it from her. Also, she joins the other characters on their quest to find and defeat Archie and return her village’s sacred treasure.

Rouge uses daggers, knives, and short swords in various combos to defeat enemies. Her specializations at level 15 are Cat Acrobat (Catspaw), Crimson Assassin (or just plain Assassin), and Mystic Wolf Guardian.

That’s Not All

Guess what? Kritika Online will add three more classes:  Éclair,  Nobleria, and Monk. These classes are still in development, so check back every so often for updates. So far, the epic four are available on all servers for the game. There aren’t any recommendations to which class has the fastest Kritika Online Gold farming rate or the quickest dungeon run time. Just select what works best, and whatever’s a good fit for your play style. Hopefully, this helped you in choosing a class. Go out and make something happen!

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