Kritika: The White Knight Adds New Super Awaken Classes and Pet Possession

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Kritika: The White Knight fans will want to brace themselves. GAMEVIL’s action RPG released a new update that adds a lot of features including more Super Awaken classes and a Pet Possession Effects System. Along with those additions are 25 new avatars.


Players can also participate in a special login event where they can receive exceptional rewards (limited time only). This latest update is part of GAMEVIL, ALL-M, and FUNFLOW’s continued efforts to continually improve Kritika well after its launch three years ago. The mobile title is still widely popular, especially in the Southeast Asia where it reached number one on the Vietnam App Store revenue charts.


Second Set of Super Awakened Classes: This update allows players to Super Awaken more classes. Players can now Super Awaken the Cat Acrobat, Dark Valkyrie, Blood Demon and Crimson Assassin.


Pet Possession Effect System: When possessing specific pets, the effect produces bonus stats. The Pet Possession Effect applies to all characters in the account and all in-game content. Multiple Pet Possession Effects can be active at the same time and players can check the Pet Possession Effects list to see the corresponding pet’s effect.


New Avatars: Players can also look forward to new avatars, including the new Body Avatar “Lord of Hell,” new Wing Avatar “Wings of Hell” and the new “Hellforged” Weapon Avatars.

Interested gamers can download and join Kritika: The White Knight below:

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