World of Dragon Nest Unveils Features and Release Schedule

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World of Dragon Nest has raised our interest for its 3D cross platform MMORPG based on Dragon Nest. Recently, Korean website ThisIsGame had an interview with the develop team, let's check out the key points from this interview below:

World of Dragon Nest is a non-target MMORPG that is being developer based on the original PC game, Dragon Nest. The new story will feature a mixture of characters from Dragon Nest, together with new additions. There is a new hostile force acting as the main antagonists, known as “Paradise Exiles”. Apostles from this group will play the role of the game’s main boss monsters.


If the original Dragon Nest is more focused on 1:1 combat, then World of Dragon Nest will showcase more multiplayer action. The team plans to focus on Guild War and Lordship War as part of the core end-game content. 30 vs 30 guild war is currently under development, hence a max of 60 players, developers expect this to be the number for Guild War and Lordship War as well.


The non-target combat system is the core feature for World of Dragon NestCase in point, even if a character’s stats are low, but the player has sufficient skills in controlling the character (we are guessing such as dodging and moving), he or she will go far.


In the original Dragon Nest, there is a heavy focus on job advancements. There is no such system in World of Dragon Nest. Instead, the weapon equipped will determine the profession and what skills the character can use. However, certain types of weapons are still tied to specific classes. For example, big sword and axe are tied to the warrior class.


The new character Slayer is a dragon-styled character based on an oriental design. New to World of Dragon Nest, this character has an in-game combat gauge which can be filled and turning the character into the “fighting” status. In this status, Slayer plays more dynamically than others.


The cross-platform function will allow players from PC, iOS, and Android devices to play together in the same server, sharing the same database. Another game which uses this system is Blizzard’s Hearthstone. The team is aiming to complete core development of World of Dragon Nest by the end of the year, the official launch is scheduled for summer next year, but it's not confirmed.

Via: MMO Culture

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