Action Shooter Islands of Nyne - An Early Look

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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is a vastly different game to most others in the FPS genre. It revolves around huge battlefields and for the most part (including the early look), there are zero teams. Instead, it’s just 50 players all battling it out to see who is the strongest – or at least who can survive the longest.


Massive, Massive Worlds
To start off with, the worlds (maps) you’re able to play on are massive. So much so that you can see further away than you can possibly run before the matches end – and players are scattered across the entire thing. As a result, it brings up two important notes:
  • You’re more likely to spawn away from others than beside them
  • There are a ridiculous number of areas to explore
In fact, the worlds are so large that you spend more time just running around than you do anything else. Whether it’s scavenging or trying to get out of the unsafe areas, being on the move throughout the entire matches is a given. With that said, it is extremely beneficial to memorize the maps and how they flow, as it can give a competitive advantage during matches.
Centralized Combat Through Forced Grouping
A really cool aspect of Islands of Nyne is that there are three separate areas marked on the map:
  • Green: safe zone
  • Gray: soon to be wiped out
  • Red: already wiped
As soon as you spawn, you can already see an area marked in gray, but nothing will be disappearing yet. After a short while, the red circle will start growing, encapsulating it and destroying anything in its path. These are all spawned randomly and you could start out in any of the three areas, so moving quickly to the green is usually a good idea.
While the map is huge, the ever-shrinking map ensures that players are always moving in towards one another. Those that don’t will be killed by it automatically, so there isn’t really a lot of “camping” and waiting on others to come to you – unless you’re hiding in the very center of the green, that is. It also ensures that each match will last no longer than about 20 minutes (as of the Alpha), though most last far less time than that.


Different Weapons and an Inventory System

Islands of Nyne has an inventory system that allows you to explore the world and grab things to hold and use. When you start out, you have one item: a knife. This can be used to slice or can be thrown (and when thrown, it will regenerate after a short while). But while exploring, you will run across a variety of other items, such as shields, rifles, shotguns, ammo, and more. These come from houses, temples, and other places, giving a bit of a reward to rushing around and exploring anything that’s in your path to safety. Even so, you do have limited inventory space, so as you play and learn your specific style, you’ll slowly adapt the items you pick up to what best fit you – in a lot of cases, there isn’t a lot of time to spend analyzing and trying to work out what you want.
Fast-Paced Combat
The game’s combat is extremely fast-paced, such that once you get into a firefight with someone, one or both are probably going to be down within a few seconds. Most weapons can kill in a single shot to the head or a couple/few to the torso, leading to fast deaths. Match this with the huge maps, and half the time it’s hard to even tell where the shots are coming from, giving the firing party a huge advantage over their target. This setup has been criticized by some players, but it leads to the importance of planning movements and understanding how to use the map to your advantage, as opposed to just running around and hoping you can take down enemies.
To help get a bit more accustomed to combat, prior to each match there are practice rounds in an indoor area. You are given pistols, unlimited lives, and the area has tons of places to hide and use as blockades. While you aren’t forced to take part in the practice session, it’s a good idea because it will help with things like aim and movement, which are monumental to your success on the battlefield.
A Thrilling Game – Even in Alpha
For a lot of games that are fairly locked down, getting a good grasp of how they play is rough. Not only do you only get a small glimpse of what to expect, but most are watered down to the point where they’re more like little demos. While Islands of Nyne follows the same path, there is one thing for certain: if you’re into fast-paced FFA games, this one just might make the mark. Despite its somewhat irritating qualities (such as not respawning after death, not being able to spectate, etc. in the normal mode), it gives a rush, and it’s something that is unique, rather than just being the same old rehash most games use. As a result, the beta, assuming it unlocks more, should give a much more solid view of how the game is going to play out. But all things considered, it’s been a good experience!

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