Fantasy Mobile New Title Xian Xia II Is Coming on September 15

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Xian Xia II (仙侠世界2) is a mobile fantasy flying MMORPG from Chinese game publisher Giant Interactive, the team shared the game dev story about Xian Xia II on Product Strategy Press Conference at China Joy 2017 and announced the game will officially launched Open Beta on September 15 2017. 


Giant Interactive aims to deliver the high quality Xian Xia mobile game to the player and wish to represent a new milestone. Xian Xia II is based on the world of Xian Xia novel and using Havok engine to make everything looks stunning. Players in Xian Xia world are all immortal heroes and capable of flying.


Oscar Best Original Song winner famous composer Mychael Danna and Grammy Awards best instrumental arrangement with vocalist winner Christopher Tin work together to create the best game sound effect for Xian Xia II and give players the amazing audio-visual enjoyment. 


Xian Xia II features a flying system with a full 3D seamless map experience. It opens for all players and will be no equipment limit, no HP limit and even no level limit. All players are allowed to fly once they enter the game. Xian Xia II will enter Open Beta in China on September 15, stay tuned! More of Chinese mobile game information can be found in MoboPlay. 

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