Faeria’s First Major Expansion Adventure Pouch: Oversky Launches

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Faeria releases its first major expansion - The Adventure Pouch: Oversky. After just five months since the game's global launch out of Steam’s Early Access, Faeria will see its biggest content update yet. The Adventure Pouch: Oversky will be further pushing the boundaries of what modern digital CCGs have to offer by developing Faeria’s in-depth strategy behind deck constructing and piloting.

Since the 1.0 release of Faeria, the game has seen a number of improvements and content addition including new cards, updates to existing mechanics, and unique new co-op content. The Adventure Pouch: Oversky will introduce 33 new collectible cards including new card mechanics, shaking up the current metagame with no telling what synergies and tactics will rise above others. The Oversky itself is a place of whimsical wonder, but also home to unforgiving challenges and danger that lurks above the clouds.


The Oversky consists of a total of 5 unique islands to be explored, each with their unique path of sequential missions. 

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