Line Bleach: Paradise Lost Available On Moible Soon

By hearst Date: Aug 04 2017 Views:

Line announced its upcoming mobile game Bleach: Paradise Lost licensed by hot television animation “Bleach” is set to launch in Japan as a free to play game sometime this year. The game is now open for pre-register, players who interested in this game can now sign up for pre-register


Bleach: Paradise Lost is developed by Line and allows players to protect the city and hunt Hollows in the real world with its own GPS-based technique. The game is a 3D turn-based tap RPG that Hollow will appear in the real world based on the location information, giving players a shot as a Shinigami and defend their city by using GPS to exterminate the Hollow.  


The game features a story mode and aims to reproduce famous scenes based in Karakura Town and the Soul Society. Bleach: Paradise Lost is now on pre-register, stay tuned and we will keep you posted on MoboPlay while any update news comes. 

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