Funny Puzzle Game My Brother Ate My Pudding: Escape Room Now On Mobile

By hearst Date: Aug 05 2017 Views:

My Brother Ate My Pudding: Escape Room is a very funny and creative escape game developed by hap Inc. This is a very sweet puzzle game base on the story about a brother and a sister. You ate the sister’s pudding so better hide yourself well in the 20 levels of this mobile puzzle game.


The game has a very simple gameplay but never stops to surprise you with the creative game contents. The whole game is very sweet you run all over the big house and with the help with your family to escape from the room and your sister. 


Items can be grabbed and used in the drag-and-drop to help to hide yourself. Be aware of the hints on the game that would lead you to the end and escape successfully. The game is available to download and play now. Download My Brother Ate My Pudding: Escape Room APK on MoboPlay

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