NetEase’s New 3D Action Game Hunting Era Hit Closed Beta Testing

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Hunting Era (狩猎纪元in Chinese) is a 3D action mobile game developed by NetEase Seoul department Black Pearl that hit closed beta test on August 1st. Players can now enter to pre-register the game on MoboPlay.

After five times mysterious explosion, a large number of facilities have been destroyed and many innocent civilians die or missing during the explosion. Plants and animals are overgrowing the most terrible thing is giant beasts show after the explosion to attack human. Those giant monsters are very powerful and invasive, players need to conquer and hunt the big monsters in order to survive.  


There are four classes for players to choose from that are tanker blind guardian, melee watch man, ranger fire triker and supporter white witch. Up to four players are allowed to challenge online. The game features PvP gameplay, real-time online battle and 3V3 duel. 


To play well in the game, you need to choose your tactics and know how to match with other classes. The game started closed beta test on August 1st in China. Players who interest in the game can now pre-register Hunting Era on MoboPlay now. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on MoboPlay while the latest APK comes. 

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