MU Legend Core Features Overview, OBT Coming Next Month

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MU Legend will enter its Open Beta test this September, today Webzen has revealed a summary of impressive features for this upcoming action MMORPG. The overview covers everything from mechanics and visuals to the different modes of play on offer, and outlines features that are sure to please new players and fans alike.

MU Legend takes place on the continent of MU, which was first introduced by MU Online in2001. In this newest addition to the franchise, players will be cast back in time and will discover what happened before Kundun's domination of the MU continent. The game captures the classic elements present in MU Online while providing a new and exciting gameplay experience: Players can battle hordes of monsters with the remodelled Dark Lord class; embark on an epic and dark adventure through amazing new maps; discover the commercial districts of Dudrin, Tempano and Ohrdor; grind for amazing equipment on Litenberg or confront their deepest fears in the Pit of Nightmares dungeon. Feelings of nostalgia are sure to be strong as players travel through classic MU areas such as Litenberg andNoriaon their way to reach the farawaylands of Lorencia, or experience the enhanced mechanics in well-loved events like Blood Castle, with totally renewed visuals and a reward system that's even better! 


Together with classic maps, the list oflegacy elements present in MU Legend goes on and on. Wings have been revamped and now play an even more important role, introducing a brand-new enhancement system for players to master. Nevertheless, players will instantly recognize old pets/mounts -Fenrirs, Unirias and Tibettons are back - and important MU treasures, such as Jewels of Bless and Jewels of Soul, that have been bringing joy to every MU player right from the beginning.


MU Legend has a gentle learning curve, allowing new players to always feel at ease while battling through all the main & sub-quests on the journey to reach max level. Bolstered by the dense and suspenseful storyline, players will feel the immense power of their characters right from the very first levels. However, to establish themselves in the continent of MU, the four courageous classes - Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage and Whisperer - will have to dig deeper into the PvP & PvE system. A vast skill system is available to every class, which is in turn deeply influenced by the Crest and Artifact systems. The normal max level is 65, but the real challenge lies in conquering the Soul Level System, which is capped at an impressive max level of 500 and is responsible for something very important when it comes to character customization: Attack, Defense, Support and other bonuses. All of this makes the skill tree available to characters in MU Legendtruly unique in its genre.


For PvP fans, the classic duels are available from the beginning and can take place on different battlefields, providing a quick way for players to beat friends and test their builds at the same time. For those who are into intense challenges, the Arena is the place to be. In the Arena, players try to win up to 10 times in a row in a 1-vs-1 battle against another player's AI character. After each win, players can choose between fighting again for a better prize or cashing in their win streak to bring home the current reward.

Additionally, new PvP features are slated for release in the very near future, including guild wars featuring epic battles for territories and 3-vs-3 cooperative fights where teams of 3 players can challenge each other, requiring great teamwork (strategy and efficiency) for success.

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