Making the Most Out of ARK’s 'Creature Capture' Feature

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If you’ve been playing ARK: Survival Evolved for a while and have been thinking that it would be nice to have a monster or two, you’d be pleased to know that these creatures can be tamed. Let’s not beat around the bush; get armed, get your ARK kibble, and get on the steps already.


Beginning with a Beast in Mind

First things first: having a creature in mind. After all, this isn’t Pokémon where there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to catching. Rather, it’s more like real-life catching, where there’s an actual struggle between man and beast. Keep in mind that there’s going to be some rough patches if you don’t come prepared in Ark. Therefore, it’s important to have a set goal on what creature you want to catch, and prepare the necessary items. 


Tools of the Taming Trade
You’ll need weapons that will knock out (not kill) creatures, and food to tame them. For the weapons, there’s a vast amount to select. What matters is that the target gets 50 Torpor to knock out creatures. If you’re frugal, then settle for a slingshot and 30-50 rocks for ammo. However, don’t expect for it to be effective, especially against bigger creatures because you need bigger arms. 
You can go for a wooden club and an electric if you don’t mind going up close and personal, but doing so is risky and not advisable. The best way to knock out a creature is with a ranged weapon. Bow or crossbow with tranquilizer arrows and longneck rifles with tranquilizer darts are useful and keep you within a safe distance. 
Feed them and Bring them Home 
After taking out a creature, feed it. Put the item that you need to feed the creature within its inventory. What you’ll feed it depends on whether it’s a carnivore or herbivore. If you’re not sure, do a Google search. Regardless of whether the creature eats plants or animals, narcoberries is essential since force-feeding the creature is a must to successfully tame it. 
Now, let’s go back to feeding them with real food. For carnivores, any meat item should do the trick. Feed them meat when their hunger falls 50 points. With herbivores, provide them berries when their Hunger falls 20 points, and Advanced Berries when it falls 50 points. Lastly, for both herbivores and carnivores, there’s that delicious ARK Kibble, which you should give if the hunger of the creature you’re trying to catch falls 80 points. 
No Need to Attack
Applying the steps discussed in previous sections could help capture a creature. There are fourteen creatures that can only be tamed by non-violent means and they include the following:
1. Araneo
2. Arthropluera
3. Basilosaurus
4. Chalicotherium
5. Dung Beetle 
6. Gigantopithecus
7. Ichthyosaurus
8. Lystrosaurus
9. Manta
10. Mesopithecus
11. Moschops
12. Onyc
13. Vulture
14. Mantis
With the fourteen creatures, instead of doing things the old-fashioned way, they require for you to feed them a particular food that will tame them. How they approach you depends on the creature. Some will come close to contact, others will run away, a few require you to apply bug spray on yourself, and various will even attack. It’s important to know what the behavior is before hitting the ground running.
You have a blueprint on how to get yourself a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved . Now get up, get out there, and befriend the creature of your choice.

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