Kritika Online Released New Patch to Weaken Green Leaf Weapons

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By hearstDate: Aug 02 2017 Views:


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The last update of Kritika Online was to make Starhenge more challenging and more engaging for users alongside an increase of rewards. However, it turns out that the Starhenge patch puts too big of a hurdle between users and the content. There's now a new patch to alleviate some of issues surrounding the Starhenge difficulty changes.


The new patch removes all Starhenge boss shield gauges and reduces Starhenge accuracy requirement. The Green Leaf weapons' damage are reduced to their intended percentage. Meanwhile, violet Boss soul drop amount will be increased, based on difficulty, and monster’s attack/moving speed will be decreased on Hard and Insane modes.


Developers mention that it’s nearly impossible for them to accurately identify exactly who used what weapon in what capacity throughout the week. They are not punishing anyone that used the weapon in the Arena and are continuing to discuss ways to reward last week's Arena players in as fair a way as possible. 

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