Mobile MMORPG Logres: Japanese RPG Goes Live All Over the World

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Logres: Japanese RPG is one of the most popular Japanese mobile MMORPGs, the game was soft launched for both iOS and Android on several countries in May, now Logres: Japanese RPG is available all over the world axcept Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.


To celebrate the global release, the game is giving away some Crystals! Simply input the Serial Code: 6776-2944-0037-184 and your Hunter ID at the website to redeem your rewards.


Logres: Japanese RPG features countless equipment and job customization options, allowing players to create unique avatars and play styles for masters and novice players alike. Additionally, players can team up with friends in real-time co-op quests and legendary encounters to save a world from chaos.

Logres: Japanese RPG

Unapologetically Japanese in style, the graphics and gameplay will surely capture the attention of JRPG fans. Players in every region of the world can join forces and partake in a deep and immersive MMORPG experience. Interested gamers can download the game below:

available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore

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