Ashes of Creation will Show up at PAX West

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Ashes of Creation will show up at the upcoming PAX West in Seattle from September 1st through 4th to give fans the first publicly playable experience. 

During the four days of the show, players will log in as one of four classes in Ashes of Creation: Ranger, Mage, Tank, or Cleric to try and overcome the obstacles in their way. Teams of four will be led through the experience by a Game Master. The setting is a volcanic area that has been in turmoil since the world ended. A terrible evil lies dormant within the mountain. Once majestic creatures existed here, soaring high above the peaks, but have been corrupted and perverted over the millennia by the malignant presence that now inhabits this area.

Players will get their first taste of combat, escorting caravans, and establishing a village node before diving into the dungeon. It's going to be an epic sample of the adventures to come in Ashes of Creation's full launch.

As ususal, if you're going to support this game, you can pay $295 to buy a PAX Attendee Package from the Store page of the official site. Are you willing to spend money for the game?

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