Survival MMORPG Durango: Wild Lands Launched Closed Beta in SEA

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The long anticipated survival mobile MMORPG Durango: Wild Lands from Nexon has launched Closed Beta in Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  There are a lot of changes that have been patched into this build, including the addition of camps, island classifications, courier warp holes, 15 new creatures, 24 new weapons, a level cap increase to 60, clan competition, and the ability to claim a swath of land on which to plant an enclave.


Durango is the next evolution of fully-featured MMO experiences on mobile, nominated as E3's "Best Mobile/Handheld of 2017" at Game Critics Awards, giving you full freedom to roam and choose your own gameplay, all while meshing unique exploration and city building experiences with real-time collaborative and head-to-head battles against enemy clans and colossal dinosaurs.


Warped from your world into Durango, discover the rich primitive environment intermixed with transported modern-day items. To survive, you must source both modern and local resources around you. Embrace your inner pioneer to explore, cultivate, and evolve the vast and dangerous wilderness of Durango by choosing your own path to interact with the virtual world and other players!


SEA players with Android devices can join this beta by downloading the game via Google Play below, just a warning that all data will be DELETED in this beta!


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