Rokh - An Early Look at the Mars Survival Game

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Games that are based on survival have been picking up lately, encompassing a variety of different situations, from just building things to escaping zombies. Rokh, however, takes a completely different approach, based on a landing on Mars. Your goal is to learn what happened to the other settlers – and survive the terrain while you’re at it.


A “Rocky” Start

When you first get up and running with the game, you’re given some basic information on what to do and how to go about it. You’re given a couple of tools to help you along the way, but the UI and setup is arguably a little clunky at the moment (though keep in mind that the game is in early release and there are still updates to come). That said, if you’ve played a lot of other games in the past and are fairly exploratory when it comes to figuring out how things fit together, the learning curve won’t be nearly as bad.

While the in-game tutorials do help better understand some things as you go along, it’s important to read the field manual as well. You may even want to do so as you’re downloading the game – while it doesn’t cover things in great depth, it will give a fairly large jumpstart to understanding things before you even dig in. Mixed with the in-game guide, it curbs the leveling curve significantly.


A Game Built on Crafting for Survival

To survive on Mars, you pretty much have to craft. While you can find most of the things you need to survive just by exploring, the simple fact is that it’s not reliable enough to ignore crafting altogether. Luckily, you start out with a couple items that allow you to get a quick start on building up new tools. Using those, you are able to really get going in the game, working your way up to building an entire fortress, should you so choose – but it’s far from easy. Just getting to higher tiered tools is a chore in itself, requiring exploration and learning various game mechanics. Add this in with keeping yourself alive and you’re constantly juggling between progression and survival.


A Massive, Beautiful World

To preface this, the world is not this ridiculously high-quality terrain that’s full of small features. That said, it does still look fairly nice. And it’s so massive that just getting over a short distance can take a while. Even after playing for 24+ hours, there’s tons to explore and do. But part of this also brings up an important part: you need to keep up with where things are. From nodes to settlements, you don’t want to be stuck out in the wild without knowing where you need to go should you need something. As a direct example, a battery was going low and I knew exactly where to go for it – but it was so far that it got to 1% just before I got there and I was luckily able to recharge it. Had I not remembered the location, it would have been disastrous. So keep that in mind: the world is large, both in a great and a dangerous way!


Open-World Exploration

Along with the large world, the game is very open. It’s really up to you what you do. Want to just explore, hopping from settlement to settlement to see the story? Go for it! Want to build a massive fortress to stay in and test your building skills? You can do that, too! It’s entirely up to you how you play – at least as long as you keep your vitals up and stay alive.

Now, this does bring up an issue for some players, which is that the maps are large and don’t support a ton of players. As a result, you’re often playing entirely on your own. It’s entirely possible that this will be changing when the game goes into its full release (there is plenty of land on each server to support a large number of players), but as it stands, it’s best to treat it as a solo mission, rather than expecting to find a lot of others to play with. Of course, if you already have friends you can invite, you’re able to jump in the same world with them and meet up. And luckily, there is also a local version of the game, should you not have Internet or just wish to play on your own.


A Quick or Long Game Experience

Rokh is great for both casual and somewhat hardcore play. Each time you join a server, you’re being thrust into its current state, rather than what you left. As a result, there’s no real game saving or anything like that – each time you enter, you’re in a different world than the one you were in the previous time. That said, if you always play on the same server (locally or otherwise), you can keep building on to it while you’re playing over time. This gives the ability to play both quick spurts and long hours, depending on what you like!

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