Anime Expo 2017 - Liliphae’s Cosplay debuts!

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At the start of July, it was time for the biggest anime convention in the country once again! And of course, this meant I had to prepare an arsenal of all new cosplays. And by arsenal, I mean three. Two of these cosplays, I have to be honest, did not require much effort, but the third one was my chance to present something that I’d been helping work on for months!

The first cosplay I debuted at Anime Expo (henceforth known as AX) was a throwback. And I mean, a real throwback.  Do these characters look familiar?

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by Peter Roig

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, then you probably remember a little movie called Ferngully. The plot of Ferngully involved a hammering message about saving the rainforests and preventing pollution to preserve the environment. Needless to say, it wasn’t a big commercial success, but the nostalgia in which my partner and I inflicted on the unsuspecting people of AX made dressing up as these obscure fairy characters totally worth it. People were incredibly overjoyed to see us, saying that the movie had been one of their favorites as a child. There were even a few times small children had come up to us and demanded a photo, which was very surprising to me, seeing as there was no possible way for them to even know about this movie unless their parents had shown them!

Probably the coolest part of these costumes are the wings, considering the clothes were pretty simple. It was our first time making fairy wings, and Kohalu of course had to go the extra mile by winding tiny lights (actually called fairy lights) around the wiring in the wings. They glowed inside the convention building, but outside, you couldn’t see much of a difference. But hey, it’s the little things that count.

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by Peter Roig

The second cosplay I debuted at AX this year was part of a fandom I said I’d never, ever be a part of, but hey, you do weird things for love sometimes.

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by me.

Do you know what this is? If you guessed a human version of Rarity from My Little Pony, you’re correct. Hooray! I am admittedly not at all a fan of ponies, but Kohalu is. He pitched his idea and I decided, sure, why not? When you date someone, you gotta make compromises, right? My compromise was cosplaying a pony. It was one of the hardest patches of romance terrain I’d ever had to cross.

My design was relatively simple and loosely based on a fan art. His design was completely original and I think it turned out awesome considering the source material is a baby dragon.

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by BlizzardTerrak

The third cosplay I debuted at AX this year is something I’d been teasing for a while, and I think it turned out way better than I’d hoped.

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by me.

This is Elementalist Lux from League of Legends, in her light form. This is the default form, for those who don’t play the game. The main attraction of this cosplay isn’t the costume itself, but the absolutely magnificent (and surprisingly light!) five-foot-tall 3D-printed prop. Just look at that thing.

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Gif by MLZ Studios.

I had been there for the entire process of this prop, from modeling to printing to gluing together to sanding to priming and finally to painting. It was truly a labor of love from both Kohalu and I and I think that before this, I have never owned a more beautiful prop. It made me so happy and proud to carry this thing around at the con and show it off, especially when I would take it into the parking garage and people would be able to see that the orbs in the center actually glowed. I used extra fairy lights from the Ferngully wings to make the collar prop glow as well, and I think that the entire effect turned out well.

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by me.

Overall, Anime Expo this year was once again a wonderful experience. I got a lot of positive compliments on my costumes and for stepping my game up, and it's always a great pleasure to travel to the biggest convention of the year and see all the friends who you've missed.  The weather this year was also fantastic, which made wearing the heavier stuff not an issue at all.

Here's to the next AX and to another year of costumes, creativity, and booty worship!

Anime Expo 2017 Liliphae Cosplay

Photo by Peter Roig

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