First Assault: The Future Is Now; Renewal Is Now Live

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Enlist today as a member of Section 9, the elite tactical unit in First Assault: The Future is Now; Renewal, the bigger, faster, and stronger new episode for Nexon America and Neople’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online. The team-based first-person shooter pits allied squads of augmented soldiers against teams of deadly terrorists on the streets of a gritty cyberpunk world.

First Assault’s biggest episode includes a ton of new features, such as new Section 9 Operatives, solidified Operative classes, numerous gameplay changes, epic new maps, and more.  All Operatives now fall under three unique classes: Assault, Infiltrator, and Specialist. Assault class Operatives take advantage of higher hit and armor points. Infiltrators sacrifice durability for increased sprint speeds and slide mechanics. The Specialist is a key support Operative with unique special abilities to assist teammates, including a powerful down-jump to traverse difficult terrain. The new Electronics Center map is the information hub in Japan’s most important network node.


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