A Breakdown of Factions from Secret World Legends

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Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends is a reboot of the old Secret Worlds MMORPG. It presents a “shared-world, action RPG” rather than a straightforward MMO. The game ismore streamlined with a modern combat system, which has a new approach to quests and skills, and it’s free to play.

In any game, there are choices to make: What class is the best? What weapons are solid? In Secret Worlds Legends, other than choosing a class and weapons, players select between three factions that their character can join. At any rate, here is an overview of those three factions.

Secret World Legends


“You came to us in search of purpose, and mark this: there is no greater purpose than ours” (Templar Introduction Video, 2017).

At first glance, the Templars look majestic and impressive with their uniform colors in reds, blacks, and whites. The trailer for the faction gives the impression of conviction and strength. Templars appearentrenched in their beliefs and faith, swearing to eradicate all traces of darkness. The unit will rush toward their goal of eliminating evil headfirst, kicking down any obstacle in the way.

However, player opinions describe this faction as similar to an army. The Templars are a team, who are loyal and brave. Members are mostly well-intentioned, polite unit, but with a dry sense of humor. Templars are the most candid faction.

Secret World Legends


“It’s all about power. Grabbing it, keeping it, using it”(Illuminati Introduction Video, 2017).

The Illuminati is about secrecy and power, the acquisition and application of the latter. Of the three factions, they are the most similar to high-powered government agencies and corporations who focus on classified objectives.Ends justify the means.

The Illuminati have a blue and black color scheme that matches their secret and mysterious system of operations. Their base is at an undisclosed location somewhere in New York. Some players have noted that out of the faction contact NPCs, the Illuminatiare the best (or they could mean the funniest). Another popular opinion is that they are a good source of memes.

Secret World Legends


“War is deception” (Dragon Introduction Video, 2017).

Dragonis about the Chaos Theory. The faction believes that to maintain balance in the world, there must be chaos, and they’re the ones to create it. Dragons are mysterious, but differently than the Illuminati. Their color scheme is green and gold, with an Asian aesthetic. Dragons don’t have a fixed structure even though they have survived for a long time.

The faction is the most unpopular. Most players choose Illuminati or Templar, but there are still a sizable number of players in Dragon. Players cite cryptic messages for mission reports and a general lack of personality from the faction contacts. Dragon seems to be the most neglected faction, though players appreciate the aesthetics.

Secret World Legends

The Verdict

Well, that depends on who you ask, right? There aren’t many differences in the storyline between the three factions; however, their perspectives and goals are different for each. Choosing the type of clothing to wear for a faction could be something to consider. Templars have knightly or religious-type apparel, Dragon has an Asian/martial arts theme, and for the Illuminati, it’s elite, corporate/ government inspired wardrobe.

So, whether you want to join the headstrong Templars, the secretive Illuminati, or the mysterious Dragons, hopefully, this article helps you connect the dots to make an informed decision. Make an SWL Account and start your journey toward the pinnacle.

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