Dragon Blaze Garners Attention at France’s Japan Expo

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Recently, GAMEVIL’s Dragon Blaze garnered a lot of attention at this year’s Japan Expo which is an annual Japanese culture festival held in Paris, France. Participants can experience various expressions of Japanese culture, including manga, animation, games and music. This year’s Japan Expo will mark the 18th time the event was held. Avid Dragon Blaze fans attended the event to show their support for the popular title, and some passionate cosplayers showcased their interpretations of popular Dragon Blaze characters.

Dragon Blaze Japan Expo

Unsurprisingly, Dragon Blaze has attracted a cult following in Europe. In France alone, Dragon Blaze ranks 17th in France’s Apple App Store and 24th in Google Play on the overall revenue charts. Dragon Blaze continues to enjoy a strong player base worldwide.

With the recent launch of 'GAMEVIL-COM2US Europe,' and 'GAMEVIL-COM2US SEA,' GAMEVIL and COM2US are upgrading their approach to the European and Southeast Asian regions and are taking measures to establish strong market positions in both.

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