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Battlefield Mobile stands out among popular mobile games as a real-time military strategy game. This game allows the player to act as a commander. By using various hi-tech troops and gears, and your skill sets, you can be the critical element to the success of each battle.

This game is tailored for military fans and combines its story lines with World War II. In this game, the player needs to build his own troops and overcome numerous challenges to relive the cruelty of the war. State-of-the-art equipment and clever deployment of troops make the war filled with uncertainty. If you love military and believes that you are an expert at devising strategies, you don’t want to miss Battlefield Mobile! Here are some of its features:

A wide variety of troop combo

Unlike other mobile strategy games, Battlefield Mobile makes the entire battle controllable in real-time. It consists four general category, namely Armored Force, Air Force, Infantry and Building, altogether more than 40 different troops in your control. Each force is special in its Attack, Defense, Skills, Attributes, Attack Range and Attack Speed. It empowers you with the maximal freedom to combine and match your troops depending on the situation you are in, so that you can counter opponent lineup, offer timely reinforcement and forge your leadership skills. If you are familiar with the pros and cons of your troops, optimal deployment will change the situation and make you winner of the battle.

Battlefield Mobile

Complex equipment system

The equipment system in Battlefield Mobile is critical to improve your strength to a new level. Corresponding to its Troops design, the equipment are adaptive to four categories: Armored Force, Air Force, Infantry and Building, altogether more than 100 pieces of equipment of different types. If divided by the attribute types, they can be applied in four positions: Weapon, Armor, Support and Special. You can upgrade and tier up your equipment to give it extra attribute enhance.

Intense Resource Battle

While playing Battlefield Mobile, players can set up their own attack or defense lineup, or even loot other player’s base for gold bullion and tech points. Different rewards will be offered accordingly based on the quantity of the gold bullion and the grades of tech points. You are free to refresh the attack list to locate the right subject to attack. The attack list will display info such as defense troops deck, defense building deck, combat power and title. Won’t you be so proud of yourself when you have defeated an opponent stronger than you?

Battlefield Mobile

Dungeon Battle Awaits

Battle system is quite significant to PvE, the dungeon is critical to the understanding of its world view and also a shortcut to improve the strength. Before join the battle, you are free to choose your main unit lineup, support unit lineup, skill priority. When in combat, you energy value will accumulate with time or through the killing of opponents. When it reaches certain level, you can either summon support troops or use this skill.

A large quantity of gold bullion or EXP book will be dropped in some special dungeons, however the number of attacks are limited. As you level up, more challenging dungeon will be unlocked, with more enticing rewards, of course.

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