What Do You Think about Chronicles of Elyria's New Tribe

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There's an image posted in the forum about one of the twelve tribes in Chronicles of Elyria - the To'resk. Under the image, there's a long blog which tells you more about the To'resk. 


The To'resk exist in the wetlands and they are agricultural and aquaculture farmers. They have medium-toned skin with black eyes and either black or or dark-brown hair. What really stands out about the To'resk is their striking facial features. They have strong brows, angular cheekbones, and distinct noses. Most noticeably, they possess pointed, razor-sharp teeth capable of biting through the tough leathers, shells, and scales of the creatures that inhabit the wetlands. 


The blog then goes on to describe the attributes and culture of the To'resk. If you're interested in them, you can jump to the forum to read more. Some players said that the To'resk looked ugly and they were disappointed. What do you think? Will you play a game that has such an "ugly" tribe? 

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