Firefall Dies on Desktop, Will Be Reborn On Mobile

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Firefall, the sci-fi shooter MMO client game from developer Red 5 Studios has announced the game is shutting down after much review and analysis. Red 5 says it plans to continue Firefall in a different form and currently developing a mobile version. However, the release date still hasn’t been given by Red 5.


Firefall officially announced in 2010 as a paid to play client game, which is a first-person shooter with an MMO. In Firefall players piloted futuristic exoskeletons called Battleframes through exotic and tropical environments. Eventually, the game moved from a paid model to free to play game and then finally dead now.

The development team said it was working on a PlayStation 4 version in May, but there is no mention of this in the closure announcement. Perhaps this dream is dead as well. Regarding to the mobile version been mentioned in the announcement, currently the mobile version is still under developing. Hopefully, we can hear more update news and the release date for Firefall mobile version very soon. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on MoboPlay while there is any update info comes and the latest Firefall APK lives.

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