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Guys, it is time for weekly mobile game recommendation! I know you don’t like boring puzzle games although some puzzle games have stunning graphics. Neither do you like running platform games which give you adrenaline each time you enter the game, right? What I’m going to talk about today is action and adventure games. All of them are new games, and I think you can try them to kill the boring time after work. 

Arena Masters

Arena Masters from Nexon features real-time 3v3 in action-packed 3-minute PVP battles. The game doesn’t focus on a particular story and raiding dungeons. Instead, it focuses on PVP and fast-paced action. 

Arena Masters is mainly played in two mode types: PVP and Challenge modes. The PVP is made up of two modes, the Normal and Ranked PVP. In the game, fast-paced battles and precision tactics determine the victor.


Players must select 2 characters from a multitude of heroes with their own unique sets of skills and abilities. These two heroes will make a tag team and fight in multiple unique battle modes. Switching between chosen heroes mid-battle is also allowed. Players can also customize the heroes’ appearance by using skin available in-game.

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