Dragon Nest Mobile Game Starts Open Beta Test Today!

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Dragon Nest, the 3D fantasy action-packed MMORPG for mobile, starts open beta test today. Dragon Nest mobile game reproduces the smooth, free battling experience and fascinating storyline from the PC version, to present the incredible 3D non-targeting combats and stunning, cute visuals on your handheld devices, along with brand new bosses such as hellhound, manticore and sea dragon.

Dragon Nest Mobile

New Class, New Adventure!

The new OBT comes with the new class, Assassin, lots of events with rich gifts, enhanced visual effects and game experience. Four new servers have been opened for new gamers.

New Game Mode, New Arena

New game mode "Hero Valley" is added for gamers over level 32, where players will win by breaking enemies' crystal in the 4v4 tower defense gameplay.

Dragon Nest Mobile

Hair Style DIY

You can choose your character's hair style and dye the hair in the way you like.

Dragon Nest Mobile

Other New Features

- Weekend events are open for level 20. Different kinds of interesting events are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and you can earn rewards twice a week.

- Cross-server battles are open for level 40 at 8:30 PM on every Friday Beijing Time. You can earn scores by defeating monster and your rivals, to gain rewards including dragon coins and legendary weapons!

- Newly added and improved skills.

More updates and new game content are waiting for you to check out. Download Dragon Nest Mobile Game APK for your Android from MoboPlay and embark on your adventure now!

Dragon Nest Mobile

Dragon Nest Mobile

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