Crowfall Explains Why Its Guild Strongholds Are Expensive

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By hearstDate: Jul 06 2017 Views:


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As you can see from the screenshot, Crowfall's guild strongholds are really expensive. This is what most of the game's followers are talking about and now the developers post a blog explaining why the price is high.


The blog explains that Crowfall's strongholds are never intended for a single player to purchase, because they are overkill for use by a single player. The purpose of these large strongholds is to support large player groups. They provide a mechanism to centralize buildings and exist so that guilds, streamer audiences, or even a loose-knit collection of merchants and crafters can work together, pool resources and create social spaces.


The blog goes on to explain how the final price is made from a base price. And the developers hope that players will agree with their per-player pricing approach.

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