Dragon Oath Mobile Open Beta Is Now Available In China

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Dragon Oath Mobile (天龙八部)is a 3D martial arts style MMORPG set in Ancient China created by the same team as original client game first released in 2009. The story of the background derived from the martial arts of the same name novel authorized by Jin Yong. The game now finally starts its open beta today on both iOS and Android platforms along with brand new expansion “Stairway to Dragon” (龙腾天下).

Dragon Oath Mobile

Brand new expansion “Stairway to Dragon” brings new sect, new system, new gameplay, new fashionable character look and new game scene. This time, China game developer Tencent will give gamer a fresh new look with better gaming experiences.

Dragon Oath Mobile

Dragon Oath Mobile features five sects and each with unique play styles. Sect transfer system is the most controversial issue in the game. Players are allowed to transfer sect freely once they reach the requirement. All the experience level will inherit to the next new sect after player transfer to new sect successfully.

Dragon Oath Mobile

Currently, the game is only release in China and may expand to oversea very soon. For those players who wish to play Dragon Oath Mobile in the first time please download Dragon Oath Mobile APK (Chinese Version) on MoboPlay.

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