Lost Ark New Classes and CBT2 Improvements Unveiled

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Smilegate has unveiled three new classes of Lost Ark together with lots of improvements in the upcoming Closed Beta 2.


The three new classes which were teased last year are Destroyer, Arcana and Summoner. Destroyer wields a Gravity Hammer. He is slow in attack but his every blow can deal huge damage. Arcana knows a variety of short and middle range spells and can adapt to all types of battle situations. Summoner can summon DPS, tank or supporter to fight alongside her if she collects enough ancient spirits during the adventure. Just like Elementalist, Summoner has the flexibility to deal with different situations.




Smilegate hasn't announced when the Closed Beta 2 of Lost Ark will be, but it reveals that there're lots of improvements. For example, there're improvements in the animation of characters receiving and dealing damage. And monsters will have varying death animations on character attacks. As for the Tripod system, it is also improved to allow players to customize their character's combat style with more options. Finally, the quest system is improved. Some side quests have been removed for the Closed Beta 2 and a special episode has been added to the main Adventure Quest in each zone.



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