Playpark LUNA Online Open Beta Available Now!

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The Hottest Animated Style MMO PC Online Game – Playpark LUNA Online is back and it’s still extremely popular among the gaming society. Playpark relaunched LUNA Online in the South East Asia Region, and managed to get more than 40,000 players to join the CBT event! During the CBT period, the Luna Online teameven increased the number of game channels in both the and serversdue to an extremely large number of players joining the CBT.

Playpark LUNA Online OBT officially opens its gates  today along with the release of their latest OBT CG Video.

Playpark LUNA Online isa free to play community-centric 3D Fantasy MMORPG with adorable chibi-like graphics, set in the anime themed world of Blueland, whereby humans, elves and the dark race,Majin, fight alongside to defeat the Dark Demon.


Playpark LUNA Online is a revamped version of LUNA Online,with various different features and settings compared to the old version. The reason for these changes is to ensure a healthy game balance of the classes and jobs as there will be new patches and expansionsin the future. Other than that, a lot of new features have been added to Playpark LUNA Online including RED vs BLUE Camp system, Auto Hunt, WASD movement, PK Zone, New dance moves, BlueChip System (used to exchange items in the item mall) and so on. Additionally, there will also be new classes added in the future expansions.


There are plenty of in-game events to celebrate the official launch of Playpark LUNA Online. Players participating in the OBT release will automaticallyreceive a FREE OBT Pack. Players will get free duration costumes and mount for free, including 1,000 bluechips that will allow players to exchange for items in the item mall.


Playpark LUNA Online is a community style online game, aimedto encourage players to communicate and make friends in-game other than just levelling. The social features in the game are also a part of the core system in LUNA Online. Players will receive tons of rewards by joining a family, taking photosto share with friends and many more!


In the Open Beta version, Playpark LUNA Online has been optimized and enhanced to provide players with the best gaming experience.There are several systems that will be released in the OBT version, including the connection time event giving free Pet FP recover potions, level cap expansion to LV.60, new dungeons and magic tower and players are now able to sell and trade items from the item mall!




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