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For die-hard fans of MMO games, a gaming news App is always needed. As it can be installed on mobile devices, you can easily receive the latest news about your favorite MMOs even when you’re on the go. Have you ever missed freebies because you’re too busy to check a game website? If there’s only one button between you and any freebies, do you think you’ll miss them? This is why I’m recommending MMOsite App today.

MMOsite App is the App version of MMOsite. As you know, MMOsite is a professional game website. You can find game news, interviews, previews, reviews, guides, game lists and cosplays from the site. You can also use the site to grab giveaways or interact with other players. The App version is here to make all the things much easier. As you can see from the following screenshot, MMOsite App has a neat UI with white background and black texts. On top of the App sits different columns, such as News, Reviews, Photos and Latest Articles.


If you want to follow certain writers, just slide to the last column “Popular Writers”. You’ll see a list of famous writers on MMOsite. Simply tap “Follow” to add your favorite writers.

On the bottom of MMOsite App, there’re three icons. I guess the middle one must be the one you’re most interested in, because it’s all about Freebies! Free Keys information will be listed here. You can scroll down to grab the one you want. Under the last icon “My Topic”, you can see Keys you’ve saved and writers you’re following.


MMOsite App is now available on App Store & Google Play. If you don’t want to miss any freebies or any important gaming news, just visit the link and install MMOsite APP on your mobile devices.

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