Legacy of Discord’s Revolutionary Update Release a New Trailer

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LoD Sky Fantasy

The hit action RPG Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings just released a brand new trailer for its long-awaited in-game flying system “Sky Fantasy”, which is scheduled to be released next week. The massive update adds a completely new way to play the game and makes LoD one of the first ARPG’s that allows players to battle in the air!

In the trailer, our Blade dancer hero resolutely leaps from a cliff to face the new challenges that are coming. Wearing a full suit of dazzling armor, he flies over a sinister dark forest with the aid of his new Sky Wings.

The trailer gives fans a glimpse of what “Sky Fantasy” is all about: A new way to play the game that lets players equip elaborate Sky Wings and engage in epic aerial combat.

Players who have reached level 50 or above can immediately join the aerial battlefield. There are 4 different modes to experience, including Flying Tutorial, Aerial Boss, Sky Chests and Sky Scenario. Glory and riches await those who can master the new Sky Wings and rule the air!

LoD Sky Fantasy

Following the worldwide launch in November 2017, Legacy of Discord has topped mobile charts in over 30 countries. With 9 major updates and numerous small content patches since launch, the world of Legacy of Discordhas grown immensely with new  game modes, new items like equipment sets and mounts, and never ending events that continuously reward players for playing.

LoD Sky Fantasy

“The battlefield is always changing, and this time we are letting players take their conquest to the skies,” says the development team. “We had this concept planned for a long time and we’re very happy to finally let all our players experience aerial combat. It was a lot of work, as every aspect of the new system, such as aerial battle arenas, equipment and skills, all had to be designed or changed to fit the flying system. We hope players will enjoy Sky Fantasy and the Sky Wings as much as we did designing it!”

LoD Sky Fantasy

Besides the trailer, GTarcadeis also running a variety of Facebook events for the players, including a Youtube video contest titled “I Believe I Can Fly- LoD YouTube Stars Wanted” that will run for 6 weeks. All participants have the chance to win some exciting rewards!

The in-game flying system “Sky Fantasy” is coming to Legacy of Discord on June 20th!

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