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As an annual event that currently is most influential in global pan-entertainment field and is an industrial weather vane, ChinaJoy has successfully held 14 galas. Every year in late July, practitioners and professionals of the global game industry and game fans alike gather here in Shanghai to enjoy this lavish feast. This year, the 15th ChinaJoy, which is the themed as “To Share Pan-Entertainment after Peering in 15 Years", will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center through July 27 to July 30, 2017.

To highlight this year’s expo theme of "Pan-entertainment" and to cover more the contents of pan-entertainment, ChinaJoy will also hold concurrent events of the Global Smart Entertainment Hardware Expo (eSmart), China International Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo (CAWAE), and the World Mobile Game Conference and Exhibition (WMGC).

In order to enable everyone to have a more intuitive and vivid understanding of ChinaJoy, the editors here sorted out the brilliant moments that ChinaJoy experienced in the latest three years. Let’s together follow the editors to review these ChinaJoy classic moments in the three years. Here we go! ~

ChinaJoy2014: To meet the industry’s new developments and new opportunities


The ChinaJoy2014 has flashed out a number of hot spots, such as game manufacturers joining hands with film makers and the Internet to lead the trend; hot IP competition; mobile games emerging as a huge sector; and 13 years after the ban on the host game is lifted, Sony and Microsoft and other overseas producers first face-to-face competing in ChinaJoy and in the domestic market – Xbox One announced to enter China, and Sony’s star products were lined up to make China’s debut.

Mobile games

In the CDEC Summit, the participants from the game industry have said that the explosive growth of the mobile games provides new opportunities for various game producers. But for the client game manufacturers, they had to go through transformation before they can make greater development.

Take the domestic client games manufacturer -The Perfect World- as an example. The Perfect World, when the tide of mobile games has boomed, it has already made the transformation by playing out its own advantages, and has thus released some mobile game products, with the "Condor Heroes", "Fantasy", "Forsaken World" and "Cross Gate" asits representative works.

Enhanced Quality of Client games

Although mobile games in the ChinaJoy2014 had the limelight, yet Client Games was still the main force in the Chinese market. What is different from previous blowout of client game works and highly-homogenized competition is that the works shown on ChinaJoy2014 are mostly masterpieces, including "Archery Zero", "TERA", and "The Third Sword" and other end products, and are diverse in types and differentiated significantly.

At the same time on the ChinaJoy2014, the game manufacturers also suggested that the only and ultimate way out for client games is by optimizing product structure, improving game quality, targeting segmented crowd, expanding into the international client game market, and taking differential development paths.

Xbox One entered China Market

How the news of Microsoft Xbox One entering into China could not become explosive news and a hot spot to watch in the ChinaJoy2014? No Way. It is the first overseas mainframe host that enters the China market after the ban is lifted.

Among the premier games, the "Neverwinter Online”, as the only third-party game products, is recognized as the only masterpiece game that is most sincere in development and most attractive, and Microsoft has also highly regarded the game’s XBox version in terms of its screen effect, operating experience, game content and other aspects of performance.

PS4 All-Star Products Lineup

Since the ban on foreign game host is lifted in the mainland, Sony and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group reached an agreement to plan introduction of Sony’s game hardware products, so this year’s ChinaJoy has become the official large-scale event for Sony to make PlayStation family debut.

In the Sony booth center, it was the game masterpiece "Gran Turismo 6”. In addition, the organizers also opened a cool local tycoon BMW M4 Coupé placed in a prominent position, making people feeling as if in an auto show. At the ChinaJoy, Sony prepared 15 game works for players to experience, covering PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PS Vita TV, and some of them were games shown in Chinese words.

The ChinaJoy2015: Make happiness simpler


From client games to browser games to mobile games, the game industry has evolved from the one that is dominated by only a type of the games to the one that is shared by the three. Trends of the game industry has always changed, and also moved to the right direction. In 2015, mobile games have become the largest brightest spot in the ChinaJoy.

Mobile games

With the efforts of domestic game manufacturers constantly putting on game quality enhancement and game brand construction, in the mobile game era the domestic mobile games have also bid farewell to the embarrassment that they operated without IP, and no fans, but only by simply imports to attract users. They were now ushering a new era that relies on game quality and brand to attract fans.

Major manufacturers began to focus on mobile games, and the ChinaJoy2015 become a platform for the major manufacturers to display their flagship mobile games.

Intellectual Property (IP)

In the Summit Forum of ChinaJoy2015, IP has become a hot spot. Games with high-quality IP emerged in a large quantity. For this, good games, animations, films and other quality works played a very good role in promoting games’ quality enhancement.

With the acceleration of Chinese enterprises going global, the domestic and domestic browser games and mobile games also show out the advantages of original IPs. Although the Chinese enterprises are quite hunger for IP, however, due to high cost of IP access, major manufacturers should operate with independent IPs and self-brands and long-term goals.

Wearable device

ChinaJoy is not just a stage to purely show the games. On the site of the ChinaJoy2015, in order to allow players have a better experience in paying the demo games, there came a considerable number of wearable devices. Wearable devices link the "virtual world" and "real world" during the gaming, blurring the boundaries between game and life, and enhancing the player's user experience.

The ChinaJoy2016: Embracing Pan-entertainment in the New Era of Games


At the ChinaJoy2016, VR, E-Sports and live broadcaster greatly feast people eyes; and at the same time, major manufacturers also staged one by one invisible strength competitions.


If we say that VR in 2015 was just a concept or a trend, then a year later it has been flourishing. Just within a year, major hardware manufacturers have launched their own VR equipment.

In the exhibition site of the 2016ChinaJoy, any producer who has VR products has set up a large area for players to experience. However, this is not enough; it is still in short supply, as at almost all experience areas, players were lined up with a long queue for experiencing. For average consumers, a complete set of VR equipment is expensive, but for a game fan, VR games is just like a new continent, full of infinite magic, and they naturally will not let go any experiencing opportunity.


Completely different from previous ChinaJoy where showgirls stood on stage and peripheral products were released, at ChinaJoy2016, a number of heavyweight booths, including booths of Tencent, Blizzard and the Giant Interactive Group Inc., have carried out their own E-Sports or gaming performances, attracting players and onlookers from around the world.

Among them, mobile E-Sports had particularly become a hot spot in the 2016ChinaJoy. Different from the traditional PC gaming, the mobile e-sports refers to the e-sports race on terminals (mobile phones, flat, etc.), and because of its popularity and its increasing enjoyment and technics that gradually catches up with the PC's, it is considered to be the future trend in e-sports.

Live Broadcaster

At the 2016ChinaJoy, broadcasters were gathering here, creating a new beautiful landscape.

The editors interviewed several broadcasters, and found their identities are also quite different. Among them, some are personal broadcasters, that is, they register on a live platform to stroll live; some are broadcasters hired by game platforms who through the game platform live broadcast certain contents, mainly about things for promotion; and some are media who broadcast the event through live video coverage.

Looking back the grand show of ChinaJoy in the past three years, are you more interested in this year's ChinaJoy? Indeed, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ChinaJoy, a milestone and a historical moment of China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, ChinaJoy this year will be grander and more spectacular than ever. As for what eye-catching products will appear on this year’s event, and how the major manufacturers will launch how high-quality games, let us wait and see the opening of the ChinaJoy2017.

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