Top 5 Mobile Games Endorsed by Celebrities

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Many developers are relying on big celebrity names to help their mobile games reach the right audience these days. Hot on the heels of the new Wonder Woman movie, Warner Bros. Interactive just released a series of special in-game events for their DC fighting game Injustice 2. And Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman herself, announced that she is endorsing a new turn-based mobile game.

Celebrities have been used to market video games since the industry was born. From movie games like Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker to in-game appearances like Mike Tyson in Punch Out, some of the greatest and not-so-great games had superstar names attached to them. How have these games evolved? How are stars involved now compared to before? Here, we take a look at 5 mobile games endorsed by celebrities in the recent years.

League of Angels - Paradise Land

Last month, developer GTarcade launched a new turn-based RPG for iOS and Android called League of Angels - Paradise Land, endorsed by Hollywood superstar Gal Gadot, best known for her role as Wonder Woman.

According to the developer, League of Angels games are well known their beautiful and powerful angels. Gal is known as an action star, with two-years of military service and studied law, which contributes to her super heroine image.


Paradise Land offers players three very different game modes, promising “a unique and innovative RPG experience through multiple progression paths and a wide variety of gameplay”. Will this “Wonder Woman”-endorsed game bring wonder to its fans? The result remains to be seen.

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