Conqueror's Blade Spreads out Ancient Battlefield of Factualism by Teaming up with NVIDIA

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A sand table war game – a masterpiece of the pan-civilizational scene by NetEase - Conqueror's Blade is coming with the new content and the ultimate test!

During the development process, Conqueror's Bladecooperates deeply with NVIDIA to deliver high quality game visualon GeForce. The most realistic ancient battlefield as well as the scene of mighty forces are presented vividly on your screen, just like enjoying yourself in the cinema for a Hollywood war movie!

Conqueror's Blade

Figure 1: The visual enjoyment brought by high quality.

Make the world more realistic - Physically Based Rendering

Physically Based Rendering is a new technique where players can enjoy a scene that lights and shadow of all the objects in various environments imitating maximum original condition. With the aim to provide players the most realistic battlefield environment, and to offer them the feelings of being personally in the real world, Conqueror's Blade employs this technique during the game development.

All the objects in the game, No matter a piece of brick,a tile on the wall, a weed, grass or a simple tree, even the suit of armour, barde, or the caneknife in solders’ hands, are supported by the most realistic and vivid physical rendering effect, presenting the players the most natural and breathing game experience.

Conqueror's Blade

Figure 2: the realistic bricks and tiles.

Summon your own mighty force – Massive Actor Simulation.

In the era of cold weapons, the number of combatants is a major indicator battle importance. As an ancient Chinese saying goes: when gathering men for a roll call, the more, the better. Without the mighty force, how could the magnificent ancient battlefield be reflected in the game? Thus, it is critical to introduce the technique of Massive Actor Simulation.

This technology endow players to lead a team as a general, as well as to organize tactics to command the troops. In the meantime, the combat unit can easily reach to 1000, which provides players a real game scene of a vast host of infantry and cavalry.

Also, the independent AI technology allows every soldier to have the realist and naturalist performance, and different reactions will be seen based on the changing environment and the fighting state. This makes the game, on the premise that players have the command of all the solders and generals, more realness by preventing characters from becoming monotonous, or the "puppets".

Conqueror's Blade

Figure 3: Corps with their own thinkings

Fashion Assurance on the battlefield - NVIDIA GameWorks Clothing

In Conqueror’s Blade, the garments of every general and soldier were elaborate designs from professionals. The designs not only referred to realistic elements and figures from historic documentation, but also added lots of detailed artistic expression. Meanwhile, to bring more realistic texture to these clothings, the game shaped lifelike armor, fur, fabric material with the support of NVIDIA GameWorks Clothing technology.  By doing so, the final effects of the garments are vivid and true to nature, no matter whether it’s heavy bard, light cloak or exquisite silver helmet. These realistic details also added the fidelity of the whole set of clothes, making it clearer and more limpid. Thus, a perfect distinction of the identity of the characters can be guaranteed visually.

Conqueror's Blade

Figure 4: Clothing System – NVIDIA GameWorks Clothing

Witness the power of war - NVIDIA GameWorks Destruction,

"Conqueror’s Blade" hammers at exhibiting the most realistic ancient battlefield that full of changes and destruction factors. Aside from "manpower", there are also power of weapons and equipment, varying from cannons to catapult. All the weapons are equipped with the power that could turn over the battlefield instantly. By the support of the GameWorks Destruction - a scene destruction system by NVIDIA, corresponding physical damages from various attacks will be presented on objects in different scenes. For example, the city wall in one invasion war could be bombarded with a breach by the cannons or could be collapsed by the stones threw by the catapult. This effect not only brings the game players feelings of realness and vibration, but also endows players the ability to change the battlefield routes by themselves - thus players have more freedom in designing strategies and they can even create their own war tactics.

Conqueror's Blade

Figure 5: Destruction system– NVIDIA GameWorks Destruction

Booming Games cooperates with NVIDIA together bringing a real yet free world of battle to all the gamers on Geforce. Experience the ancient battlefield of the shining spears and armored horses, and enjoy the dominance feelings of taking cities and seizing territories. Conqueror’s Blade will meet you in June!

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