3D Mobile MMORPG The Monkey Ares Is Coming

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The Monkey Ares is a 3D fantasy-themed mobile MMORPG. The game is inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West, but its story is set in 500 years after the Chinese monk and his disciples finished their legendary pilgrimage. Previous demons now become the incarnation of justice and they fight to bring the chaotic three realms back to normal. 


In The Monkey Ares, there're three classes - the Monkey King, the Bull Demon King and the White Bone Demon. Each class has thirteen active skills and thirteen passive skills. Each active skill comes with four runes which can be matched freely. There're also more than one hundred different types of equipment and magic weapons to increase the power of each class.


Power by Unity 3D, The Monkey Ares presents players with striking 3D & 360° war scenes. As it adopts the Diablo III style, there're random maps, random bosses and random item drops in The Monkey Ares to make the game much more challenging and adventuresome. Players can choose from a variety of costumes, wings and pets to make their characters the way they like. Interacting with other players is also possible in the game. Players can make friends or just invite other players to real-time 3V3 battles. 


The Monkey Ares (齐天战神) will soon be launched on App Store & Google Play. You can also visit the site to know more about the game. 

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