Sandbox MMORPG Durango Unveils New Trailer for E3 2017

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A new trailer is unveiled for the open-world sandbox mobile MMORPG Durango, providing a deeper look at the mobile game which lands on mobile devices in Q4 2017. Durango is set in a primitive alternate universe inhabited by dinosaurs, check out the trailer below:

Beginning with a heart-pounding dinosaur attack on a commuter train, the trailer showcases the many survival mechanics of Durango, from fishing and harvesting materials to farming, settlement building and crafting. There’s even a look at the many ways players can team up to tame wild dinosaurs, culminating in a guitar-fueled dance party!


While some are friendly, these ancient beasts won’t always be peaceful, and the trailer also offers a look at how players can ride dinosaurs into battle with a wide range of combat scenarios. Players work together to take down a massive creature like the fearsome T-rex.


Finally, the trailer provides a glimpse of the nearly endless number of procedurally generated islands and biomes that players can explore, which will occasionally surface or disappear into the sea at a moment’s notice.


Durango is playable at the E3 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Mobile and Social Games Pavilion, South Hall, Booth #2623. To learn more, visit the official Durango website.



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