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Tree of Savior is a Korean isometric MMORPG that first came out with its international version in 2016 and has recently released several major updates in 2017 making it worth a revisit and another look at its gameplay. Tree of Savior set in a fantasy themed world in which you embark on a long quest to find and rescue goddesses in a world of chaos. The game provides beautiful, 2D-like fairy tale styled graphics as well as anime-like art with lots of appealing goddesses and character designs. It offers soundtrack by SoundTemp that is reminiscent of the memorable music of Ragnarok Online with a modern twist.

Tree of Savior

Classes & Class Variety

Tree of Savior offers 4 initial classes; Wizard, Cleric, Archer, and Swordsman with almost 80 different advanced classes to choose from as a player progresses. Each initial class can advance up to 8 ranks adding more classes as a player levels up. Players can choose to build their character to suit whatever role they wish to play. A cleric can be a heavy damage dealer or a very reliable support depending on the advancements chosen. Class variety is one of the things the game can definitely boast about, especially with the recent addition of the eight different 8th rank classes.The addition of the 8th rank further expands the variety and different builds that players can choose to play with. Luckily, IMCGames offers opportunities for players to obtain stat resets and skill resets through dailies and events when major changes or updates are done to the classes.

Tree of Savior

Early Gameplay

The early gameplay consists of following quest lines to look for goddesses and exploring the world, as well as doing daily dungeons which primarily consists of hunting bosses and wild monsters to gain experience.

You’ll be introduced to many systems of the game throughout the early stages like crafting, upgrading, the collection system and other important aspects that give the game more depth.

You’ll find that while the world looks very linear, there are hundreds of hidden mini-games and quests that involve finding treasures and solving puzzles in the world.

Late Gameplay

There’s now a total of 330 levels, 50 more than when the game initially launched. Upon reaching the mid-to-high levels, players are introduced to a multitude of advanced features that require more focused gameplay like world bosses, PvP, high level progressive dungeons, and hunting grounds. You’ll find that the best and most time-savvy way to level up will be alternating between grinding the hunting zones and dungeons as compared the more questing focused leveling in early gameplay.

If you are a completionist gamer, Tree of Savior will definitely keep you busy for a long time. There’s a lot of maps to complete; each with their own set of item collections, and hidden treasures and quests. Returning players will find more of these in the new maps released for levels 270 - 330.

Tree of Savior offers several forms of Player vs Player activities; duels, guild wars, and team battle league. Duels allow you to challenge others and test your skills as a single player. Guild wars offers a similar system in the open world, but at a much larger scale. And lastly, team battle league lets you fight in instanced arenas to boast your skills in party based combat of 2v2 and 5v5. The game offers a ranking system and PvP rewards that benefit leveling up like EXP cards to promote doing PvP throughout the leveling process. This encourages players to attempt various parts of gameplay because all are beneficial to one’s overall progression.


Initially, the international version of Tree of Savior struggled with optimization causing major issues with FPS and lag, especially in largely populated areas. The game has definitely been improved significantly in the past year and IMC has claimed that it is one of the main focus for improvement alongside combat and class balancing.

Tree of Savior

Conclusion and Thoughts

Every character build offers unique gameplay mechanics with many differences between each rank. The faults lie in the repetitive and linear nature of the game. IMCGames is making lots of updates to make Tree of Savior more attractive and offering various perks for returning players. There’s been a ton of game changing updates since its initial release that I’ve only briefly touched on in this article. The game’s playerbase is not nearly as high as it used to be, but it is staying strong and is on par with other more widely known MMORPG. Is it worth playing now in 2017? It’s worth a try if you’ve got a craving for a straightforward, grindy, and aesthetically pleasing fantasy MMORPG with an old fashioned feel to its gameplay.

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