Memory of ChinaJoy’s Fifteen Years

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The span of 15 years is a span that is very important in the transformation of people, and so do ChinaJoy, and so do the Chinese game industry which has undergone tremendous changes in the same 15 years. 

In 2004, the Chinese online game market started and began to take shape. But at that time, the internet was far from universal, and South Korea online games almost monopolized the Chinese game market.


At the first ChinaJoy, there were few Chinese game manufacturers and only Korean games attracted players. There were also few EU and US manufacturers attending the exhibition. Only French Ubisoft and Finland Nokia mobile games were present at the exhibition. For the Japanese game manufacturers, they only got Sony to promote its PS2 and EQ2. 


The lack of independently-developed contents made Chinese game manufacturers felt the urge to improve. In the following ChinaJoy events, Perfect World, Tencent, Changyou, XOYO, Shanda and other Chinese enterprises emerged, flourished, and face-to-face competed with foreign products at ChinaJoy.


Today, ChinaJoy is no longer a simple game show. It contains far richer contents. In 2016, ChinaJoy started to cover comprehensive fields of pan-entertainment. Film and television, animation and online literature became indispensable elements. 

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