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Touch 3Claws is a famous Musical/Dance Online Game, where players can play along with songs like K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, and also International ones. Some of the very famous singers and groups are lining the music list inside the game such as SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), BoA, and many more!

Touch 3Claws

So, what makes Touch 3Claws different than any other dance casual games? It’s the couple system! You can find your soul mate through the match making system in the game, and what makes it even interesting, you can actually proceed to Wedding!

Most of the couple inside the game are also dating in real life! There are tons of players you can search for couple by lurking on the website. You can see their real name, IGN, and also their picture uploaded there! You can also read some highlight regarding these couples in real life in the news in the website! Their stories are so cute and heartwarming, makes you want to experience it by yourself too ^^

One of the stories came from two of Touch 3Claws players named Alciel and Warlow. They met through Touch 3Claws and happened to reside in United States. Alciel real name is Vivica and Warlow’s is Mikey. They’ve been dating for 2 years and still going strong ^^

Touch 3Claws Giveaway

They love to play together inside Touch 3Claws in one of the server called Beat. Vivica also loves to dance to the tune from Touch and called it Exercise which helps her losing weight!

Another story came from two players from Philippines. One is TOM【O】YOfrom TECHNO server and TOM【O】YA from Sugarfree server. Unlike any other couples, they started having their own couple at first, and they became friends in Facebook. After several times playing together they became close. TOM【O】YO real name is Venice and TOM【O】YA’s is  Gerald.

Touch 3Claws Giveaway

Venice almost going to Japan to get a job, which means it’s going to be a long distance relationship for them both, but luckily that didn’t happened and now they met each other although they reside in different city by playing Touch 3Claws. Now that’s some sort of communication! They’ve been a couple for more than a year and still going strong!

Having couple will give you a lot of advantages, and don’t forget to take some quests regarding couple system, too! Both of you can wear matching fashion, or just be creative and style them for fun!

Touch 3Claws is going to give cool item in a giveaway! All you have to do is :

Using Google Chrome

1. Go to Touch 3Claws Official Website.

2. Register an ID. You can make a 3Claws ID or just register using your Facebook or Google+ account! After you logged in, you’ll be redirected to this page :

Touch 3Claws Giveaway

Click the download button, and install the mini client. Please remember that mini client only works in Windows Operating System.

3. Once the mini client is installed, run the program and login to the game. You can choose any server you’d want to play in. Once you are done, you have to make a character and play it.

Touch 3Claws Giveaway

After that, please follow these steps :

1. Open This Free Claim Link


Touch 3Claws Giveaway

3. Choose your server first, then login with your Username and Password or 3rd Party Button, then click LOGIN.

Touch 3Claws Giveaway

4. Finally, you can claim your reward, it will be sent into your Touch Account ingame

Touch 3Claws Giveaway


Touch 3Claws Giveaway

So gamers, what are you waiting for? Let’s play the game, see for yourself, and experience it to the fullest!

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