Five Space-Themed Mobile Shooters for This Weekend

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The Science Fiction shooter Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, the third installment in the popular Galaxy on Fire series is finally available for Android devices. Have you tried the game and what do you think about it? This weekend, we’re going to talk about five mobile shooters that are worth playing. Most of them are space-themed, just like Galaxy on Fire 3.

No Stick Shooter

No Stick Shooter is a neon tap-based arcade game that looks like a mixture of Missile Command and Geometry Wars. You're playing a fixed turret at the bottom of the screen. You've got a shield, and are inundated by waves of bad guys from above. Tap on the screen and you'll fire the weapon you've currently got equipped. 


When you advance, you’ll get a lightning gun, a special laser beam, and more. Different weapons are useful against different enemies. And they have a charge limit, which will make you feel like you're constantly on the cusp of running out of energy. The way you need to rapidly switch between weapons introduces a sense of keeping a bunch of plates spinning.

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