Five Most Anticipated Mobile Games Adopted from Our Favorite MMORPGs

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This week, the global mobile game market is booming with new titles, especially the Asian market, such as Taichi Panda 3, Mabinogi Heroes mobile, Rappelz Mobile, Lineage M, Dragon Oath mobile...I know you are interested in finding out how your favorite MMOs coming into mobile, now let's check out the list below:


Taichi Panda 3

Snail Games’ Taichi Panda 3 is a mobile game crafted by Flexi 3 engine and built its worldview base on Taichi Panda and Taichi Panda: Heroes, the long anticipated mobile action MMORPG finally hits Android platform Open Beta this week in China. 

The game was developed by the top developers from Snail's most popular games like Age of WushuTaichi Panda and Lineage 2, making Taichi Panda 3 more outstanding from the previous series. There're 7 available classes for the Open Beta, the graphic has been improved a lot, including character customization and combo effect. Players will be able to experience the aerial combat and mounts hunting in Taichi Panda 3.


The core gameplay is to hunt and tame more than 1,000 different mounts, such as tiger, pegasus, phoenix, etc, each of them have unique skills. There're powerful wild boss for you to conquer, they will randomly show up in the world map. Taichi Panda 3 also features dungeons for single player, 3 players, 5 players, 10 players and even more players.  


Brand new map Zara Ken desert will first completely present in the open beta. 1:1 real scenes with 360 degree no dead corner combat mode gives players the best visual treat. In the meantime, real physical terrain was created in the game; open world map aerial combat gives gamers the best ever gaming experiences. 

The game is now in open beta for Android users in China, if you are a fan of Taichi Panda series or action RPG games. You can try to download Taichi Panda 3 APK and give it a shot now. Have fun in game. Interested gamers can head for the official website to learn more.


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