Wuxia MMORPG Justice to Kick Off CBT 1 on July 21, New Gamplay Unveiled

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NetEase has released more than 13 new games in their May 20 Game Lover Conference, at the same time, a brand new gameplay trailer has been released for their upcoming Chinese wuxia themed MMORPG Justice. The game will enter first Closed Beta on July 21 in China, lasting a week long. The first beta will provide gamers with 7 classes as well as full storyline and gameplay of level 60.

The development team behind Justice has been silent about the game for a long time, they are pretty sure gamers are the judges. Justice is based on a Chinese wuxia novel Treacherous Waters, the game has been developed for 6 years by NetEase.


In Justice, you can see all kinds of weapons that you could not imagine, including a soft ribbon. In order to restore the wuxia world in ancient China, players need to choose a job and make money. There will be no safety zone in Justice, evil guys can skill the innocent sometimes, so it's time for those justicial knights to save the jianghu.


The rich storyline of Justice is mainly following the original novel. Most of the novel scenes and plots can be presented through dungeons, tasks and adventures. Each one of the NPCs has his or her own story, so players can interact with these NPCs of high AI to open the doors to the new world.


Justice is also known for its gorgeous CGI-quality graphics which makes you feel like setting in that life-like ancient world. Working with ARM’s professional team, you can find 36 dynamic colors in one single scene. 

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