Mabinogi Heroes: Eternity Kicks Off Android Open Beta in China

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Mabinogi Heroes: Eternity is the official mobile game for the action MMORPG Mabinogi Heroes(Vindictus), the game is licensed by Nexon, developed by Chinese game company Tiancity, and the Open Beta is launched today for Android users in China.

Following the features of the original PC MMORPG, Mabinogi Heroes: Eternity stands out for its unique features such as character customization, delicate fashions, guild communication, 18+ sexy characters, etc. You can find the same world view of Mabinogi Heroes in the mobile game.


Mabinogi Heroes: Eternity provides gamers with special dungeons, open world PvP, guild arena, there will be 6 classes available for the open beta. Players can customize their characters, such as hair style, tattoo and avatars. Various fashions and sexy bikinis will also be available.


Currently the game is only in Chinese, if you happen to know Chinese or wish to experience the gameplay, you can download the game (android only) here or visit the official website.


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