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Talking about tank shooter games on mobile, World of Tanks Blitz is more realistic in style. The complexity of control is only fit for hardcore gamers. Iron force is a bit too casual with thin graphics, but the globe combats with players wearing their own country flags is pretty enticing.


If you are looking for something in-between, you may consider this new comer - "Mad Tanks - eSports TPS" for mid-core players. Tons of players on Steam are waiting for it since the game were greenlit on Steam a year ago, but finally developer decided to launch the mobile version first. Not for World War II fans though, since they have switched the timeline to 2046 or even further.

The game infused with futurist themes and anime crews were released partially on googleplay and developer alleged that the IOS version is coming soon too.

Here's the official announce: "Mad Tanks(mobile) went CBT in Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia and India. SEA tankers enlist now! For players from other regions, please hold your fire, we're coming soon."

More than 1000 new games are releasing in each region each day, it must be difficult for players to choose. Anyway, tankers, life is short, keep gaming.

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The predecessor of Mad Tanks (a browser game with Chinese name - Tan Ke Da Zhan) once has more than 3 million monthly active gamers in China and the publisher is the famous $300 billion worth tech behemoths - Tencent.

Game features


Mad Tanks is an eSports mobile game, modern and classic tanks infused with anime theme.


Tons of fancy high-tech tanks are waiting for you, along with pretty crews, unique tech trees, splendid exteriors and various addictive game modes.


• Fast-paced 5v5 online multiplayer battle against real players.

• Free to play: no payment required to access all level tanks.

• Easy to learn: Straight forward touch screen controls with very few buttons.

• Exciting eSports battle modes for mid-core and casual players.

• Tank Module and Tech Tree upgrading system provide more variety of tanks.

• Cute anime crew system is designed for anime fans while adding new buffs to vehicles.

• Precious Chest System provides fruity rewards for players.

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